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ALL STAR has invested hugely in R&D, Machinery and Quality assurance which has led to a high-efficient management system. We ship over 20 million products every year, and over 99% ETD client satisfaction.


ALL STAR have pride themselves with a strict quality control system. Testing is performed throughout the production line, from production material, mid process inspection and to a detailed quality inspection with each individual finished product. Ensuring this process is completed before the final shipment of order.


ALLSTAR invested in a new modern factory in 2017, broadening its product line and increasing its production capacity.

Three cranes smoothly moved 15,000 kgs (33,000 lbs) of metal parts, greatly increasing daily production.

The spraying line is 270 meters long and can process 20,000 metal parts per day;

12 electric welders with chimneys protect workers from harmful gases.


The new plant's modern wastewater treatment system has invested $150,000 and it has passed strict government environmental inspections.

ALLSTAR uses the latest robots and increases productivity by 75%

ALLSTAR is certified by BSCI, SEDEX and ISO9001. Through the audit of many world-renowned companies.


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